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Air Innov – Campus Thalès


Bordeaux Euratlantique is one of France’s biggest property development operations, covering 740 hectares around the High- Speed-Train Station, which from its opening in summer 2017 will offer services to Paris in just two hours.
It has been recognised by the French government as an Operation of National Interest (OIN) and represents a financial commitment of some €800 million. In turn, the scheme will help generate more than €5 billion of private investment.
One third of the project is now underway with 50% of space already taken up. By 2018, 75,000sqm of office space will have been delivered.


Operations of Metropolitan Interest (OIM) are priority areas for development. They cover large territories and benefit from innovative designs and processes.
Bordeaux’s two OIMs combine development, innovation and key facilities, with a system of governance that is shared by major public and private stakeholders, built around a coherent operational scope and backed by a shared strategy.